Democrats Are Taking The Fight To Trump With A Tactic That He Never Thought Possible

It turns out the Trump administration isn’t the ones who know how to tie up legislation. The Hill reports democratic attorney generals are taking a page from the Trump playbook by filing lawsuits–to date this amounts to nearly 50–to hamstring the administration’s ability to pass key initiatives.

This coordinated approach is a spectacular challenge to the administration, who’s been trying to do away with practically everything President Barack Obama signed into law.

One of those on the fighting lines is Washington attorney general Bob Ferguson. He told The Hill, “Is it fair to say a big part of my day now involves the Trump administration? Yes. If this administration continues on a path of ignoring federal law and the Constitution, then they’ll see us in court. And frankly, they’ll continue to lose.”

The AGs have been challenging everything from vehicle emission standards to the travel ban Trump imposed on countries with large concentrations of Muslims.

The head of the Attorney General Association, Sean Rankin, told The Hill, “There’s more coordination than there’s ever been at the national level. Democratic AGs are the only group of elected officials at this moment in time that have the tools to defend the civil liberties of the American people.”

And those civil liberties are at stake. This administration has done everything it can to impose restrictions that affect those of a certain religion (Muslims). He’s also against providing adequate healthcare for all, as his number one mission has been to repeal Obamacare. He’s taunted world leaders on social media; told NFl owners to fire players who exercised their right to protest, oh, and he’s for a tax bill that will gift the rich and add $1 trillion to our deficit.

If we’re doing a year in review, that’s quite the profile. Thankfully, we have democratic ADs who are working hard across state lines to ensure we keep the protections afforded to us.

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