The Cabinet Official Who Has Kept Silent On Whether Trump Said ‘S***hole’ Now Sets the Record Straight

Have you noticed that the media has spent more time on President Donald Trump’s alleged comments on Haiti and African countries than it actually spent on the Clinton Foundations’s actions that left Haiti in a bad way? More time then on a truly historical event like the protests in Iran, a fight for freedom that everyone should encourage?

This despite the fact that Trump himself has denied he made the comments as reported and despite the fact that Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue have said definitively they were not made.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin has said they were made but he has credibility issues and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham told Senator Tim Scott that’s ‘basically’ what was said but then when asked specifically, refused to confirm that.

Maybe Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen weighing in on the matter will help put it to rest.

Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed for what she knew since she was one of the few people in the meeting.

From Biz Pac Review:

“I don’t recall him saying that exact phrase,” Nielsen said.

“I’m just going to press back on you once on the subject,” Wallace responded. “It seems to me — you were in the meeting when these comments were made. I can understand you either saying they were said or they were not said.”

The Fox News host continued:

“It is pretty shocking language and to say ‘I don’t recall’ seems impossible. If the President of the United States used the word blank-hole talking about countries in the Oval Office or didn’t say it, I would know.”

But she refused, saying, “It was an impassioned conversation. I don’t recall that specific phrase being used. That’s all I can say about that.”

Wallace pushed that the comments, if made, must be racist because there was supposedly a comment about why shouldn’t we be taking more people from Norway.

“There are several things about the president’s comments … that disturbed people. One is the president seems to be writing off people who come from black countries while he’s saying we should take people coming from one of the whitest counties on Earth–Norway.”

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